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Waterlogic Firewall

Three Steps to Greatness

Carbon Filtration Systems

The Ultimate UV Water Purification System. Ultimately Pure

All water should taste great. We believe in a three-stage approach, and Firewall is the star performer in that process.

You may do things differently, and we can say right now that Firewall will fit beautifully into your system. But if you’d like to know our secret, here it is:

Water Dispenser

Step 1

You want filtration? We’ve got carbon filtration systems.

First our UV water purifier systems filter your water to remove contaminants, chlorine and other waterborne tastes and odors. We know. We think about it (a lot) so you don’t have to. Even better, the good stuff stays in. Naturally occurring minerals pass through the filter to do you good.

If our word isn’t enough, we’ve got the WQA (Water Quality Association) Gold Seal of approval. Trust us. You want those guys in your corner.

Waterlogic Firewall

Step 2

Firewall UV Water Purification is completely effective against a huge range of viruses and bacteria.

How completely is “completely”? Up to 99.9999% according to over 5,000 physical tests of our technology by many respected, independent laboratories. Pretty impressive, we think, but we’re still on the case.

Waterlogic Firewall

Step 3

Last but not least, BioCote®

Waterlogic UV water purification dispensers have the outside covered too. Plastic surfaces surrounding dispensing areas of Waterlogic units are infused with a silver additive called BioCote®, an inorganic anti–microbial that reduces microorganisms on the product surface, giving yet another added benefit to our water dispensers after filtration and UV purification.

However grubby the hands by the machine, whatever smears they leave, this special silver surface neutralizes microbes and associated odors on treated product surfaces.

Our agreement with BioCote® is exclusive for our mains-fed UV water purification water dispensers. BioCote® protected products are not only validated but also undergo continuous quality control testing to ISO 22196 at an independent laboratory. Test results for Waterlogic’s POU dispensers have demonstrated reduction by >99.9% against microbes that can cause degradation or deterioration of the product surfaces. Waterlogic utilizes the BioCote® brand as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial product protection.

Better Products by Design

Waterlogic Firewall

Firewall™ is Waterlogic’s breakthrough technology that purifies water at the point of dispense – design genius by THE people who just love H20.

  • 99.9999% purification guaranteed
  • 99.99% virus reduction
  • In-Faucet UV barrier prevents back contamination
  • No bacteria in…no bacteria out

Certified and Approved

Waterlogic Firewall™ water purifying technology has exceeded all expectations of some of the world’s top research laboratories. It is the only system in the world to be certified to both National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards NSF55A and P231.

  • Energy Star
  • Cerification
  • BPA - FREE
  • ETL Listed